Frequency Manager + Scanner
Plugin v1.2
Review vk4bl 2013

Main Screen, Showing the plugin in action.

Frequency Manager + Scanner a free SDR# plugin by Jeff Knapp N8GJL. Brings to SDR # an important feature that after awhile you just won’t want to be without.

A quick look at this extremely useful plugin, not a step by step description of all of it’s features. All that is covered in the excellent help files in the download.

Just some of the Features
* Adds a Frequency Manager, a Scanner, and some new windows to SDR#.
* Allows you to add and update frequency records.
* Browse database of frequencies, select send to radio etc. With lots of filter options.
* Define groups of frequencies, edit, delete etc.
Plus much more…

Database window, showing found frequencies from a range scan.

Putting it simply. You can manage all you monitoring frequencies, putting them into groups, storing them in the database. Controlling everything about that frequency and how it is presented to SDR# when you next send it to the radio. Scan groups of favorite frequencies, or between ranges of frequencies. Adding any active frequencies directly to a database. After this the database can be edited updated and even exported. Simple right!

Check out Data Conversion Tools in the help files, very handy.

Make sure you have SDR Sharp: Revision 1110 or newer, installed and working before trying this plugin.

Just the ability to scan between a start / end frequency range, then store the active frequencies found to database, to me makes this plugin worth much more than it’s ‘free’ price tag. When you investigate what else it can do, this plugin really has a lot going for it, I’m sure it will enhance your monitoring with SDR#. Not wanting to 'rabbit on' about this, as I’m only getting started with it myself. What would be better is if you download and install it yourself, then maybe share what you find with the rest of us.

The links.
(Revised June 2nd 2013 Jeff sent me the new link for v1.31 out now.)
Download: Frequency Manager + Scanner V1.31 installer

Have fun, or change hobbies!

73 AL (VK4BL)

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