Effective 20th May 2014, my software is no longer available for download.

If you are looking for my software, Iím sorry but it is no longer available.

I was asked about 3 years ago, to make some of the programs I wrote for my own use available to others. I was happy to do this hoping people would donate. I planed to use most of any donations to set up eQSL subscriptions for less fortunate operators and further develop the applications.

Well over the years hundreds of people have downloaded the applications, and judging by the updates that have also been downloaded enjoyed using them. I have spent hours and hours answering emails. Most of them grateful the apps were available, a few people wanting features in their FREE software and wanting them now! and of course explaining that the computer they brought home from the rubbish tip may need a bit of upgrading. etc.

For all this we received..
A single donation of about $5...

As I said at the start Iím sorry, but changes to my health, income, etc. means I have to make some changes

73 AL (VK4BL)

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