A little about myself ...

I have been in the hobby of radio for a long time, for about the first 30 years as a Short Wave Listener (which still occupies a lot of my radio time) and then, after hearing about the Foundation License and with the help of some good people, it wasn't long before I had a microphone in my hand. A short time later (again with the help and support of some more good people), I attained my Advanced Call which opened up more bands modes etc.

I have never found the need for any more than 100 watts and most of the time use a lot less. My current QTH is a suburb called North Lakes just a little north of Brisbane in "beautiful one day, stormy the next" Queensland. Currently the station is very modest as my wife and I are living in a rented house and I want to keep everything low key.

Radio: Icom 718 with homebrew Digital Interface
Antenna: Balcony Dipole. 44 foot doublet about 16 feet laying on the balcony rail with the rest winding around the balcony. All under the metal roof about 13 feet above the ground, feed with some 300 ohm open wire to a MFJ 993B auto turner or my homebrew ATU.

Radio:FT-8800R Dual Band

Antenna: Dual band whip mag mount on roof or CJU beam for 70 cm

As you can see, not a lot to work with but that is the reason for creating this site; for newbies (or oldbies); thinking you needed lots of gear and money was part of what kept me away from becoming a transmitting ham. Here, I put my 10 cents in and hopefully show that you can work the world on a wet piece of string.

So weather you are a SWL'er, HAM or UTE DX'er etc I hope to bring to light what can be done from a simple station in Queensland with an emphasis on what you can except from local conditions and simple equipment .

Hope you like it

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